100 mile maintanence

Just throwing this out there to see what everybody else thinks.

When I bought my 650R the dealer said I had to bring it back after 3 tanks of fuel or 100 miles or so so they could do thier checks on it. I found out they want 180 bucks to do this little required check. They say the check includes a valve adjustment, clutch adjustment check the water pump and all cooling related parts and the brakes. They say I have to do it to keep the warranty good.

Here is my question, After 100 miles is anything going to be that far out of adjustment? Guys I go riding with said to wait until about 250 miles unless Im having problems with somthing.

Changing the oil and cleaning the downtube screen is important. Lots of flakes will be in the oil. Not a bad idea to check valve clearance. You can hear loose valves but tight ones require inspection.

The rest of that stuff they cited is not necessary.

Warranty is not voided if you do the maintenance yourself and keep a record/log book.

The owners manual spells out the service requirements, which you can carry out yourself if you know how to. I'd also highly recommend buying the factory service manual from Honda or www.helminco.com which gives good details on all the service & maintenance procedures. I have several of these bikes and they definitely did not go out of adjustment after 100 miles. Cleaning the downtube screen is a very good idea for the first two oil changes.

They are deffenetly yanking your chai on telling you you have to have them do the service. I have a four year extended service and Barnums just did the warrenty tranny fix. I do all my own service. Never had a dealer do it. I would give them what for for trying to snake you.

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