COOLKIT, does it work?

It only adds a small fraction of surface area the radiators themselves provide. It does help dissipate heat, but only a small fraction more.

Engine ice is the same price and will do much more for you.

Love dat Engine Ice! :thumbsup:

I'm wondering if anyone has actually tried it, I know that given the amount of additional surface area it provides intuatively it shouldn't be a big difference, but I've seen stranger things happen in the world of heat transfer. I think the radiator hose insulator definitely helps, where can I get some of that.

I wasn't aware that Engine Ice is that expensive, is it better than Water Wetter?

I havent tried water wetter so I cant compare. You're right though, engine ice is more like half the cost.

Another problem with the tube is it's location. There isnt a whole lot of air flow sitting behind the radiator, and the air that is there is really hot. Especially on that side where the header is. The coolant will only try to approach the surrounding air's temp.

Putting it out in front would help, but in the end it doesnt have enough surface area to make any real difference.

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