Do you see the world in WR?

yes, but sometimes the wr sees the world in me :cry:


great photos folks; keep 'em comming.

I see that blue beast in the cage! :cry: Got to keep it locked up until it is time to roar! :cry:

Here is the original TTalk WR in Moab. Poison Spider Mesa.



I love riding snow :cry:




A lot of sledders don't understand a bike on the snow. Sometimes it freaks them out and they get upset. :cry:


I usually just ignore them :cry:


but a few have been known to catch my attention. :cry:

I do see WR, from as High up as I can...


Some times at this alt. you can see double WR,,,,


Riding with my wife/best friend...


13,782 ft looking for 14,00... :cry:

I wonder how high you can ride a WR? :cry:

More Pix

They gave me the GPS co-ordinates and I went out on my sled a week later and towed it back to town and that's when I took the pic. Here's the cozy spot where I spent the night.

well, at least you dont have to worry about the bike being stolen :cry:

your conditions rock :cry:

what type of oil you use: -20W 10 :cry:

here are some of mine snowy after ride pics


rear view


what happens when 3 guys hit the fields, had to climb the tree to take a wide panorama



Pretty lame compared to you posts, but this is where I went on Saturday. 622m, set off from 80m elevation. Would look great on a day when the mountain isnt on fire

yep, well yz vision :cry: These are some panoramas from the abajo mountains. would've gotten more photos of the epic single track but my camera sucks.


AWESOME pictures you guys just makes me want to get out and RIDE.Going to hollister tomorrow can't wait 10/10/04.Can't wait to RIDE.Those places all you guys were riding look AWESOME!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry:

just an average day on a WR :cry:

:cry: '04 wr450f :cry:

Washington between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams


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