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Anybody deal with Jeffro426?

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A little over a month ago he posted some stuff for sale including a 13T sprocket which I agreed to buy. Sent him payment and he PM’ed on 8/13 that he sent it via USPS. He then PM’ed me on 8/16 that he was in a car accident and his wife sent it to the wrong guy. He asked that I email my address again and he would send it to me.

It’s been about a month and I’ve PM’ed and emailed him a couple of times, but have gotten no response, I figured he might be having some health issues or something so just decided to be patient. However, I see he is posting on TT, but I’ve gotten no response from him.

Could be an oversight or whatever, and we’re only talking a $10 sprocket,…..but I thought I’d post up in case others had any issues dealing with him.


UPDATE: Got it...was mailed on 9/20. Not like new as described....it has some teeth curvature, but oh well.....sold bike anyway. Jeff hope you're feeling better and thanks for your service to our country.

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