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california guys, land closure issue

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I saw the following post on ktmtalk and thought it worth passing on...

Post taken from member mipiazza on ktmtalk:

"Meeting info, Hollister and San Jose:


Tons of info about how the BLM mismanages Clear Creek:


There are 4 proposals, alternatives A, B, C, D. The first three proposals pretty much close all the enduro trails, and change Clear Creek to all trails being closed unless posted as open. Alt D is do the same as they are doing now, but the BLM only is listing this alternative so people know what they are doing now, but they do not expect this option to really be considered. We need to have Alternative D!! Otherwise, it is the end of Clear Creek as we know it."

edit: I just noticed there is a similar post in the "Land Issues" forum, so check that one out too :thumbsup:

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