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JD Help needed '95 XT600E

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posted before, but no suggestions offered

1995 XT600E changed to SuperTrapp IDS2 quiet Series, 8 discs installed.

> K&N filter cleaned & re-installed

I'm going to pull the plug this PM, it'll have about 360 miles (secondary roads, about 50 miles interstate) to check color.

pulled plug> shows rich???

problem is, it seems to starve for fuel now after a couple of miles on the superslab.

I usually run the rpms up thru the gears to hit the lane at 65-70 mph in 4th.

it'll be fine then hesitate, hesitate more and lose power like I'm running out of gas.

if I stop and wait a minute of so, it'll be fine again.

any ideas?

I read in another post about modifying the primary fuel bowl to prevent the secondary carb from starving, where do I find the Wrench report it refered to?

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Check the fuel line for any kinks, and see that it flows freely. Make sure the tank vent is clear. There may be a screen on the fuel inlet.

Clean the carburetors and check the fuel level in the float bowl. Check with a dealer about the wrench report on the carburetors.


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