Which pipe for 650R?

I looped my bike last week, yoinked the WB pipe I had all to heck, so I'm back running the stock pipe with the tip thingie...

The sound is great, but its lacking low end grunt that it had with the WB pipe... I mean, realy lacking, I have to jerk the bars to get the front end up in 2nd gear where I didnt to anything but blip the throttle with the WB pipe (I run realy tall gears)

So, What do you guys like? I'm looking for availability/fitment and most of all, price. (and should have a spark arrestor)

I'm surprized based on my experience that the WB is a noticable difference. Are you running the HRC tip or the stocker drilled out? I would say in your case just replace the WB pipe. Lot of guys on here have said the only gain they got out of a new pipe was the cool factor. I got rid of an FMF pipe because the stocker with the HRC tip ran circles around it.

pretty sure its the HRC tip on it... chrome (stainless) cap on the end? Stock is just black, yeah?

also running just above sea level,68/172- C3 fully uncorked w/UNI filter.

Your jetting sounds about right. The stocker is stainless as well as the HRC. The stock tip drilled out does not have the performance of the HRC unit. Does your tip have writting stamped on the end? If so it is not the HRC tip but the stocker.

Nope, no wrighting, so its safe to assume this is the HRC tip? It was on the bike when I bought it...

(image removed because it was HUGE!)

That's the HRC tip :thumbsup:

Dang, that pic is HUGE!!! I'm gonna axe it from the post now that I have an answer...

Thanks Qadsan,..

So you guys are saying the stock can with HRC tip is just as good as the WB pipe or any other out there?

Maybe I should just shut up and ride... I feel like the WB had more bottom end, maybe I have a slight hesitation in the throttle? the mid and top end feel about the same... damn, I should have dynoed this thing with the WB can on it, my seat of the pants dyno might be out of wack. Heheheh

The WB can is tunable with discs, so itperformance can vary depending on how it's setup. It's a good cannister though. Try adjusting your fuel screw until you get the best throttle response. Maybe that will help out on what's missing in the performance dept.

I feel like my R4 is just a little better than the HRC Tip. My FMF Power Core sucked and was worse. The HRC pipe is very good. It should run better than it is. Honda had a hard time finding an aftermarket pipe that was better when the bikes first came out. They are a little chunky though.

stock will last forever!

I just ordered a Thunder Alley pipe. Bob Murray (the owner) claims he's had really good results in Baja, and that I'll gain 10mph top speed over any other straight-pipe design. Sounds a little optimistic, but, judging from the difference it made on my CRF, I'm guessing this pipe will make an easy 2-3 hp gain throughout the range, maybe as much as 5 hp more peak. Will probably only lose a pound or two, but the sound of that reverse megaphone is soooo sweet!

It's a full system and I opted for the ceramic coating inside and out (an extra $70). This pipe made a HUGE difference on my CRF, but it was loud. Bob says they have the noise issue worked out so it'll pass the 96 db test with the spark arrestor/ quiet insert in it. I should have it first part of next week.

Ok Mikie1, Don't be a pipe tease, I'll need pics, a web site, cost, and a good review.

Got a call from Bob today... the place that does the ceramic coating is backlogged a bit- gonna be about 2 weeks 'til I get my pipe. Spent some time talking with Bob, though... he was an R&D guy for Husqvarna in the early 80's- he had the very first water-cooled 510 in the country. He also worked with Chuck Miller and Bruce Ogilvie on pipes for the XR600's back when they were the kings of Baja, and still has connections with factory Honda.

The krizman-type spark arrestors he puts in his pipes are made by the guy that makes them for the KTM OEM pipes. He says they actually enhance low-end power without sacrificing any top-end. With the spark arrestor, the pipe runs about 98-100 dbs in race trim; the quiet core will get it down to 94-95. The ceramic coating looks like a polished aluminum, and the header runs behind the frame, not in front.

After my conversation with Bob, I'm more confident that this pipe is gonna be "the one"; though I know it won't be pretty like the Moriwaki.

I'll write a more detailed report when I get the pipe & have had a chance to install it & ride with it.

Whats this thing costing you?

The Moriwaki sure is pretty, but I'd bet money that the T/A performs better just because those types of pipes really do offer a true performance gain, especially for a stock uncorked engine. The only other pipe of a different design that may offer a substantial gain isn't yet in production and that's the Barnums pipe. Rob Barnum made a few of them for his race bikes and they really do make the bike performm very well, but they won't be in production until later this year. It's on my list of goodies to get when they're available :cry:

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