Just thought I should add some info about an turbo charged XR650. PG Lundmark is a swedish driver who competes in Paris-Dakar (and I think he did one Baja2000 (XR650 no turbo) event also) and he has a XR650 with turbo. This is a swedish site with some info about the bike:


For those of you who does not understand swedish I can translate some information:

Completly stock it had 41 hp (at the rear wheel) and with the HRC kit 49 hp. With the turbo it has 70 hp!! Nice bike :)

In Paris-Dakar he will this year ride a BMW 1130 modified by HPN. Previos years he rode a KTM 660 so he has never competed with the XR650 turbo.

/ Magnus

Very interesting. Too bad we don't have the turbo as a factory option :)

What's the top speed on this machine?

I don't know, the article does not provide with info about the topspeed. It is mentioned that one can easily slide it at high speed corners (140 km/h ~ 90 mph).

I think that you could order that turbo-kit in US since the guy who built it in sweden sells his turbo systems in the US. His company in sweden are called MC-Xpress and the systems are sold in the US under the name American Turbo Systems. This XR650 is the only dirtbike that he has mounted turbo on, otherwise it is only sportbikes.

I don't know the price though...

/ Magnus

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