o-ring or not?

Does everone run o-ring chains? Any advantages to running a non 0-ring chain? I prefer low maintenance items. Anyone from Bills can tell ya that.


01 426 "sewing machine"

Custom cracked headlight:

Custom bent and twisted header pipe:Custom repaired break lever:custom repaired clutch lever: Custom dented moose skid plate: Custom dented frame: Custom scuffed side number plates: Custom scuffed front and rear fenders: Custom stock jetting: Custom vortip: Custom stickers

I think that for maintenance reasons, an o-ring chain is the only option. Otherwise, you'd be replacing chains and sprockets way more than you'd want to. The only advantage to a standard chain would be reduced rolling resistance, so you'd have a little more power at the rear wheel.

Yeah, get the o-ring chain. Internal rust is what will kill the chain, o-rings prevent or at least minimize contamination. The extra power you'll lose is minimal.

The DID x-ring (VMX) is a great chain. A little expensive, but they last about 50% longer than a comparable Regina or RK and stretch very little. I've had the same chain for abour 600 miles, 2 adjustments required and one was after a long extremely muddy ride.

It looks like next year I will be running stainless o-ring chain and sprockets.


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