Pipe for 650r

What's the best pipe to purchase w/o loosing the low end performance. Currently I have the stock one w/ the larger end cap, rejetted, and all restrictors removed.

00 Xr650

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Originally posted by XR/CRDave:

What's the best pipe to purchase w/o loosing the low end performance. Currently I have the stock one w/ the larger end cap, rejetted, and all restrictors removed...

You've got the best pipe there is in terms of having the best powerband for low & mid power. Going to a different pipe will help out on top, but you'll sacrafice some low end. The comp insert or equivalent produces one of the best power curves from everything I've read. Based on everything I've read and learned from talking to various people, the White Brothers E Series silencer offers the best low + mid power and even adds a bit to the top end as well for the XR650R. I'm using the comp insert.

One thing worth considering for your pipe is to have it ceramic coated. Not only would it look nice, but you'd get some performance benefits from this also. Mind you a new pipe, silencer or even having your pipe ceramic coated won't give you a mega power increase over the stock pipe with the comp insert, but it will be measureable. Honda really did their homework for the XR650R pipe & comp insert.

If you're going to be flat out hauling across the desert, then I've heard the XR's Only pipe is a good way to go.

If you're dying to buy something new for your bike that will give you a few more HP like a pipe, but also offers you instant throttle response (no more bog or kill switch effect), easier starting when hot/cold or when you dump it, then consider the new Edelbrock pumper carb kit. Another neat thing is that this carb has no jets to mess with like a conventional carb and is completely externally adjustable. You can even tune it on your bike with your engine running and once you've tuned it, then you can ride your bike anywhere from 0 -10,000 feet in elevation without any further tuning thanks to its patented dual venting system. Tuning is simply done with a tool that screws into the top of the carb - very simple.

If you're interested let me know and I'll get you a quote as I'm currently selling them at a special discount for a very limited time. Check out the comments from people who own this carb on this and other forums. These carbs are quickly becoming a hit for D37 expert class riders.

Here's a link to the carb if you want to read more about it.


I'm initially installed the FMF Q series with the Powerbomb header. It was very quiet but down a little on mid to top end power compared to stock with the larger end cap. I recently put an FMF 2" end cap on the Q and now the power is back to where it was with the stock pipe/large cap (maybe a little more) and is moderately quieter. All said and done I spent a fair amount of $$ for a little more power, a little less noise, less weight and better looks. Worth it? I'm happy but it depends on your perspective and budget. Bottom line is the stock pipe with large cap is a very decent power / noise combination.

I recently purchased a last remaining brand new 00 650r from my local dealer. After doing research through all the mags,friends, other riders, internet, etc. I reluctantly purchased the XRSONLY slip-on. At the same time I also went with a UNI filter, high flow back-fire screen, and a 175 main jet. I was extremely happy with the outcome. The bike was alot better throughout the entire powerband, low end included! Now this thing is a BLAST! GOOD LUCK!

I've run just about every pipe out there for the XR650R with and without the optional header. If you want the absolute best power (EVERYWHERE) the White Brothers E-SERIES with 12 discs is undisputed champ. End of story.

This is the only pipe I've tested than actually INCREASED power from Idle all the way to red line. I have never had this type of an experience with an aftermarket exhaust on a 4 stroke.

As for sound level, you'd be amazed. I'd like it quieter but I was actually hassled by a ranger when I used to live in CA and he pulled out his sound meter. Becaust the XR650R is only tested at 3,250 rpm for USFS regs - I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS AT ONLY 95 DECIBELS!!!! Boy was he surprised...

My dilemma now is that I would like an even quieter pipe but I've spent WAY TOO much money LEARNING LESSONS with all this crap (note: I played with the discs on the E-Series taking it all the way down to 6 as well as playing with a quiet core and all to no avail). Most aftermarket exhausts ARE A TOTAL SCAM. They increase horsepower at the expense of Torque. WHatever you do, DON'T BUY THE COMPLETE BIG GUN QUIET SERIES - THIS PIPE IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I EVER TESTED!!!!


If anyone has any experience with the YOSHIMURA RS-3 with QUIET CORE I'd be very interested to know their feed back. After all, it's about $400 out the door!!!!!!

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