Rear brake scare

I was chasing after a friend on my track around the house (4 acres prime desert, 0.3 mile loop). I went into a turn looking to use both brakes and had zero back brake. I was distracted by this and looked for it twice. Should've just adjusted quicker with more front brake and kept to my line. Instead I went a little wide and came to a stop with my nose in a mesquite bush. No harm done.

The problem arose because my plastic disk guard had warped a little and was rubbing against the disk. Couldn't hear it rubbing. It melted and got into the caliper resulting in zero rear brake. The plastic guard had worn out from the AZ climate and was very brittle. That is why it warped. I took it off (fell apart in my hand actually), sprayed brake cleaner on the disk and caliper, check for engagement and rode, burning off any residue.

So if anyone has a used plastic rear disk guard they don't want I will pay for shipping. :thumbsup:

Funny, I just had the same thing happen to me. My rear brakes have been crap since I bought the bike and I finally realized it was because of all the plastic melting off the guard that was rubbing.

I may have caused this problem when I was doing my torture training. On Labor Day I pushed the BRP around my perimeter track 11 times. Each lap I laid the bike down, picked it up, pushed it 0.28 mile then changed sides and did it again for a total of 3 miles.

I've been slacking a little lately and haven't washed the dust off the bike for the last two rides, otherwise I might have seen this happening sooner.

For now I am not running a guard, don't even have any extra $$ to buy one right now because of a vacation trip coming up.


Thanks for the reply and sharing your similiar experience. It pays to look over the bike thoroughly between rides.

What are you replacing the plastic guard with?

So if anyone has a used plastic rear disk guard they don't want... :cry:

I've got my stock one in my hand. It's a little cracked but would hold you over 'til Santa brings you front and rear Devol aluminum guards for X-mas.

PM your mailing address to me and I'll send it out Monday.

Do you still need a sprayer ? :cry:

Thanks Brian, I will send you a PM.

I feel kinda naked without a disk guard.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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