JYD is a liar, cheating, nondisclosing prick Please Read

I bought a motor from ebay Ebay Link and I drove 12 hours (there and back) to pick the motor after getting off the phone and asking the condition of the motor, his response, "I just test rode up the street and everything worked fine."

Well after spending over $100 in gas, I asked him again, "I am buying this motor because my brother's fifth gear is bad, all the gears are good right?" his response "Yeah, I rode up and down the street and it ran fine." When then my brother gave him $850 for a motor that was described "in very good used condition" in ebay, we drive home. Mounted it, rode What do you know Fifth gear is surging.

Then I called him and told he should ateast split the $400 repair bill, he said aww man that sucks, I will talk to the guy I bought it from and see what I can do.

I have called him and emailed him several times and never a returned call or email. Then I saw a post on Thumper Talk and thought boy that motor looks familiar. So I searched for all his post. Low and behold, I find all this....

my bike does the EXACT same thing. nothing in my oil either, runs perfect in every other gear...kinda feels like the chain is skipping teeth on the sprocket. im using my bike on pavement, and its pretty violent bucking.

still available, and i still dont know whats wrong with 5th gear...if anything. i drained the oil, and there isnt a single spec of anything metallic in the oil, or on the magnet.

anyone ever encounter this. when i shift into 5th at pretty much any speed, the bike feels almost like the chain is skipping teeth on the sprocket. the motor isnt misfiring, or sputtering, and it runs flawless all the way to the limiter in every other gear, the second i go to 5th, it freaks out. Could there be a problem with the transmission?

please help


Here's the thread:


His name is Jessie Davis, his Thumpertalk ID is JYD..

What can I do about this guy?

i would start with removing one of his eyes!! :thumbsup:

Wow that really sucks. I've known JYD for along time from supermotojunkie.com and he seemed like an ok guy. I noticed recently that he bought all this trick stuff for his bike including some Marchesini supermoto wheels that were like 1500 bucks and he used them a few times and parted the whole bike out :thumbsup:. I figured it must have been the motor that was messed up or he wouldn't have parted it out. I remember when you bought that motor because I saw it on Ebay. That's really a shame that someone would sell a motor knowing it had a problem :awww:. All I can say is that Jessie has now lost all of his credibility not only on TT but anywhere else he tries to sell something now. Word spreads fast on the internet :devil:

man, that sucks! I know it costs $100 to get to his house (and back), but you do know where he lives. :devil::thumbsup:

Sorry to hear about your misfortune! Maybe he will step up and realize the community is better than that. Time to pull one of the motors apart and change a gear or shaft. Good Luck and I hope the guy comes around for you.

I almost bought that engine from JYD before you..

I wrote with him 5 times or so and asked him to send some pictures, but they never came...

I asumed that he wasn´t so serius after all...

Sorry to hear about your f***ed up engine.. At least you can jump in the car and drive to him. I live in Denmark 16.000 miles from him so it wouldn´t have been so easy for me!!

I just had mine taken apart to change 3gear, 400$ in parts and one days work since it is my first time..

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Ebay is one of those places where you win some, you loose some .My 426 did exactly the same thing. Surging in 5th, then got worse to the stage whenever you tried to accelerate in 5th it was like you were in nuetral. I'd bet one of the dogs are broken off 3rd gear like this


Can you print all of the info that you found and meet in small claims court? If for nothing else, just for the principle!

Pay him a little visit or yes take him to small claims court! Ebay will also help get in contact with them!

I am sorry for your misfortune - but as my friend who just bought a EURO car off ebay found out for 16000.00 dollars - it is buyer beware - things are not as they seem or are advertised all the time on ebay..you can not see the insides of motors trannys etc.... :devil: This can be very costly as you and my friend have found out. :thumbsup:

He knew this engine had a tranny problem! Satch and John Lorenze told him to check the gears, and even made references to his past posts. He made nasty posts to them , even a PM to Satch. I remember this well!!!!!! We don't need this on ThumperTalk! This is a sure case of FRAUD. Take him to small claims court! :thumbsup:

Ohh Yaaa I remmeber that as well, he had asked a few times and then got all prickly when called on the carpet for something. Small Claims for sure, search the database here print everything out for proof

That's just wrong, I know it's probably too much too late but here is a "Good Engine" on EBAY. I know because it is mine and the only reason I'm selling it is because my Son bought a 450 and we cannot find a buyer for the sweet 426 bike that this engine is coming out of. There is that old saying, something like "long after the low price subsides, the lower quality shows up" or something like that. I'm real sorry for you, I think maybe "JYD" tried trading his engine towards mine at one time? Anyway, if it does not meet the reserve get in touch with me and I'll take your bad 5th gear motor in on trade for a good one. I'm reputable with a good engine background. I can probably get you a couple refrences if needed? Good luck! 426 Engine

He knew this engine had a tranny problem! Satch and John Lorenze told him to check the gears, and even made references to his past posts. He made nasty posts to them , even a PM to Satch. I remember this well!!!!!! We don't need this on ThumperTalk! This is a sure case of FRAUD. Take him to small claims court! :thumbsup:

MXChump....Sorry to hear about this. JYD is a piece of work though. He posted about his tranny and then put his engine up for sale here in the TT classifieds. He sent me numerous nasty PM's and said the users of TT acted all high and mighty like they were posting to a Mercedes website! LOL (BTW...I own a Benz...guess he was right).

If you need a character witness somewhere down the road....give me call! :devil:

Well it seems JYD is in fact guilty! It's been over 24hours and he hasn't posted a response (I noticed he's been posting in other forums) what does that say! :thumbsup: If he knew nothing of the tranny problem, I'd think he would be the first to speak up on this thread. Just my 2 cents....


I don't think JYD realized how small the world is with the internet.

I have a motor, '00 with a broken snout on the crank. (technician induced, not a motor fault) and it needs the valves adjusted (how the crank got into it's current state) If you need something let me know. I need an excuse to take my son to Greenville anyway.

Why did this JYD dude not just fix the tranny, for $400?? He's parted out his bike, so has ended up stripping it down anyway, why not just fix the thing??

Sounds dumb as well as a cheating rip off merchant!

i work in the court system in utah, small claims is usually an easy one to win, as you only need to have a preponderance of evidence (translation:- judge believes you more than him)

the posts in the past, and his behavior would win it for you. it only costs a little to file, but you have to file in his county, and show up for court in the same county (2 more trips already!)

if you win, the judge will order him to pay the cost of filing, and other associated costs.

i say you show the maggot what an lying scumbag ass he is.

good luck

not trying to make matters worse but JYD did not even have the title to that bike.....who knows what is up with that. Here is something from one of his other posts:

"how bout when you get up.....talking to chris moore about getting me the title to this bike he promised me two months ago? "

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