timing chain noise on 04 450f

i would like to know what is causing the timing chain to make noise when under a load or just cruising. is it possible the tensioner is bad or chain stretched?

James, Do you have an aftermarket skidplate of some kind on your bike? It's my understanding that they project up quite a bit of engine noise that you normally wouldn't hear. I know certain kinds of pavement reflect engine noise differently on my street bike too, so I understand the theory.

Has the sound changed on yours since you first got it? Or is it the same as it's always been?

its never been this bad. the bike is 5 months old and i ride it to work on the highway and streets. its got about 6500 miles on it already. someone was telling me it may be the tensioner spring is wearing out. i dont know much about the 4 strokes. and i have checked all the bolts on everything and they are tight. bike is bone stock.

a mechanic specialized on dakar racing KTM's told me that the yamaha timing chain should be inspected regularly, as it is supposed to be a weak spot on those bikes (he was speaking for the 400's, but the technology in 426 and 450 has not changed)

he advised me annual change, so i believe after two years I should replace it

(the book also states for regular chain check for tight spots...) and your bike has quite a lot of miles, hope you change oil regularly

If you ride a lot of street, I would advise you to suit the gearing to the road (15 front, 46-48 rear) to avoid stressing the engine with unnecessary constant high RPM's

taking out the chain tensioner is no big deal, but if you have no experience in such repair, i would advise you, to take it to the mech and let his ear decide the cause

chain is not expensive, dont know for the tensioner, and theres not much work to replace those two

still i believe theres nothing wrong with the bike (yamaha engine is quite noisy, but so are al modern 4T's), just reflecting noise from the surfaces but you can never be sure, untill you see/hear the problem

Ah hah, I see. Well, you do have lots of miles on it. I didn't know you were riding it on the street. I bet it's much quieter on trails, as alot of that noise is reverberating off the pavement, and as I alluded to above without even knowing you were on the street, different pavement surfaces have different sound characteristics.

However, I think 5 valve is right, you probably want to check it out, or have the shop check the timing chain and tensioner. You know, the technology in these bikes isn't really engineered to put long sustained, higher RPM mileage on these powerplants. It seems to me that a TTR engine would be much better suited for that kind of use. I know many of you guys Dual Sport the WR's but if you think about it they are made for 50 or 100 mile rides, and then get a bunch of maintenance. Read the manual and see what the recommended valve clearance check is. I think it's "Every 3 races", which equates to how many days going to work? Probably not many.

thanks for all the information. i found some of the problem today before going to work. the rear chain was a little loose and ate the slider on the swingarm. also the gearing on my bike is stock front 45t rear. works good still for the dirt. i ride every wekend in the desert with a buddy on a kx500. so far mine will keep up with he no problem.

My 450 started having a loud noise after about 1500 miles. In checking the posts on TT some of the Wr450 clutch side crankshaft gear nuts had come loose. Sure enough mine was loose and when tightend the loud noise was gone. It might be what you have, you can check for the loose nut through the clutch cover. Im gald to see you ride your bike, I have 4000 miles on mine and wonder how far it can go. My rides can go from 40 to 100 miles each ride, I make my time count when I can go. My valves have only needed adjustment twice, with the center intake needing the most attention. My 450 has been pretty much maintenance free and a blast to ride.

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