xr600 vs DRZ400

I have read posts on both bikes and am leaning towards the DRZ. Some people say the DRZ is actually faster even though the displacement is much less. The DRZ supposedly handles much better too. Any thoughts on this? I know the XR is durable but I wonder which is really the better bike/

Alot depends on your riding style and what you want to do with the bike, etc. Buying a new bike is a super tough decision, especially with all the choices out there. I think if I had to choose between an XR600 and the DRZ, I'd go with the DRZ because of the lighter weight, better low speed handling, newer technology, etc. Both are excellent bikes and you won't go wrong with either one in terms of having a fun bike to ride.

I just recently bought an XR650R and strongly considered the DRZ400E. I decided on the XR650R for several reasons. I could definitely get a Green Sticker on the XR, but not for the DRZ. This is a California thing, so you won't have to worry about it. Also, the weight difference wasn't much between the two. I liked the fact that the XR's are widely used by off road tour companies who depend upon buying the best bike for their general purpose needs. These companies have put serious throught into their research to determine which bikes are the most reliable, most durable, etc. The XR650R also has an excellent reputation in the most demanding racing environments such as Baja, etc. These kinds of things paint a good picture for the Honda XR. I wouldn't even consider MX racing this bike as it's truly called the BRP (Big Red Pig) for a reason, but it I can definitely take it on a MX track and have fun. It's also a great trail bike and a blast in the desert, which is where I spend most of my time riding. I was also able to buy the XR650R much cheaper than the DRZ and that along with several other things was what prompted me to consider the XR650R.

Now if I could have had a Green Sticker for DRZ400E and it was priced the same as what I paid for my XR650R, then the decision would have been much tougher for me.

If I was really into bikes in a serious way and didn't care how much money I was spending, then I'd be looking at the KTM 520 and the new Honda CRF450 and probably buy both in addition to the XR650R :)

Good luck in your decision!

qadsan hit the nail on the head. I had a XR600 for 3+ years and loved the pig. Ride Red!!!!!!!! But you know something the electric start sold me. I wanted and dreamed about a XR650, but when I came back from a ride to Cabo I had to have the GO BUTTON. Now I love my DRZ.

Now I have to change all my gear to mellow yellow :)

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