XR650R Question

I'll be selling my '00 BRP soon. I'm wondering if I should sell it as is or return it to stock and sell the upgrade parts seperate. I know that some of this stuff has to stay on the bike (wheels & suspension) but the rest can come off.

I bought it new in Feb '01. It has all the normal mods, hop up kit, clutch bushing, judder spring, rad cap, T-stat, water wetter,

BJD kit w/rewound stator, skid plate, billet triple clamp, pro tapers, scotts stab, 3.2 & 4.6 gal IMS tanks, panoram, Edelbrock carb, spare CEET graphics & seat cover, SRC fork skins, works connection rad & frame guards, etc.

FYI, the suspension was done by White Bros. and the wheels are Excels with 8ga Buchanon stainless spokes.

What do you think?

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If your going to buy another XR650R, buy it first then take all of your stuff from this and put on the new bike. If your going with a different brand you can keep the Damper, bars etc. If your trading it in, put it back as close to stock as possible. My $.02

Thanks Todd,

I'm buying a Cannondale. Looks like I'll be parting out the XR.


How much for the carb?

$290 + shipping.

If your interested, send me your e-mail and I'll send you the list of all the parts.


Only interested in the carb if it is the new pumper carb. Are you selling the Excel wheels?


it's the pumper carb and yes the wheels are for sale. I'll send you the list.


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