IMHO Baja Designs is....


I bought a Tecate light today at BD. Our Dakar Team will have three XR650's and we have all decided the Baja Designs Tecate light is the best option for us.

After looking at all the options---including frame mounts, fork mounts, single vs. dual halogen and HID, etc., we went with reliability and field fixability.

Reasoning is that the backup of a second light, and the fact that we can carry a backup halogen bulb in case a camel takes it the best insurance for getting back to the bivouac.

Baja Designs had already built me a custom HID 8" system with an aluminum mount that bolts to a frame welded brace. It was sitting there on the bench ready to go....They were totally cool with our team changing our mind-reasoning that they could sell it to someone else. Great product, great sevice, great company....Baja Designs rocks! :thumbsup:

Good to know. This is right in line with my "DIY Baja/Dakar light" thread. I was looking at the Tecate if I decided to buy a setup.

I've had extensive dealings with Baja-Designs since buying a pig in April 2000, and not once have they ever let me down...

Awesome company :cry:

As for the Tecate light, I run a 75watt MR-16 halogen in the upper light and I couldn't believe the massive amount of coverage this compact, numberplate style kit put out. Driving down a rural valley crossing it lit up the other side of the valley while I was still going down INTO the valley. Also while on a straight stretch it BRIGHTLY lit a pair of coyotes 50-60 yards off in the 10 o:clock direction...good for safety at 70m.p.h. :cry:

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