Swingarm Pivot Greasing

I'm doing a six month maintenance on the BRP. I drained the fork oil, flushed with ATF and filled with Honda 5W. The old oil looked good, had a little black sediment but no metal shavings.

Added a little preload to my shock spring in order to find a compromise between race sag and static sag.

Checking the steering head bearings for grease will be easy since I already have the forks off.

Now I am considering checking the swingarm pivot bearings. From what I see in the manual I think that I could pull the pivot rod without taking the subframe and shock linkage apart. This would allow me to inspect the grease and pack the bearings if they need it.

I suppose I should use a bolt the size of the pivot rod to keep one side of the swingarm connected at all times.

Has anyone tried this?

Hey needsprayer,

I pulled mine apart last winter and I'm about to do it again. It's really not that big of an ordeal to pull the swingarm off completely, you can do a much better job of cleaning and regreasing. You should not need to loosen the adjuster that is at the swingarm pivot itself, as it shows in the manual. What I did find, to my suprise, was that the plastic piece that holds the rear brake hose to the extruded portion of the swingarm has two holes, one for the screw that holds it in place and one for a tit on the bottom of the plastic piece to keep it in line. At any rate the tit on the bottom of the plastic was gone and water from washing the bike was getting inside the swingarm and staying there. The casting at the front of arm is hollow as well as the extrusions. Needless to say, the water was able to penetrate the needle bearing at the pivot point. Long story, simple solution. Take the time to completely remove the swingarm, clean the needle bearings very well, regrease liberally and seal the hole where thatplastic unit mounts.

Happy Holidays,


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