03 or 04?

considering a 03 and 04 WR450, any recommendations on the purchase of either one? As I understand there are no real differences.

From Yamaha UK site;

For 2004 the electric start WR450F features a range of detail changes to the chassis, including a new lightweight forged aluminium sidestand and a low-friction Kashima coating on the forks, while the DOHC 5-valve engine features remapped ignition timing and a new clutch housing.

Also the 04 has a 'gripper' seat, slightly changed graphics and doesn't suffer from the flywheel shearing problem that affected some 03's

HTH :thumbsup:

I'd say unless you can get a real good deal on a 03, go for a 04... they didn't change much but the stuff they did change is worth it IMO :thumbsup:

Stay away from the 03. The 04 had needed relability upgrades.

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