Anybody run communicators that actually work WELL? I want voice activated if possible.

I can tell you what DOESN'T work. I tried to use a couple of Midland FRS radios with helmet speakers and mics. They worked great until the motor was running, then the interference was so great that all I could hear was static. I have heard of a device that you install in the spark plug cap that cuts out spark plug-induced noise but I don't know if they work.

I think having commo between riders would be a great idea. I think my riding buddies think I'm a geek for trying it, but wouldn't it be nice, for example, to be able to tell the rider up front (or behind) that a turn is coming up or that you need to stop for something?

I ride with the same person alot, it would be nice to the laughter.

I have the Motorola FRS radios that have the VOX headsets. I bent them up nicely so that they clip onto the helmet. They worked to some extent but the delay for the transmit with the VOX drove us crazy. We were usually finished with what we were saying before the thing started transmitting. So we would start talking like "Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo - hey we missed the turn"

You can try out mine if you want - I want to hook up with you for a ride one of these nights anyway. I got the FMF 4Q too - so I won't rouse your neighbors either :)

- Sean

How quiet is the Q?

Oh yeah, I've heard good things about the "chatterbox" - but they are a little pricey.

- Sean

Somewhere between the corked and uncorked.

The difference is very noticable in the upper RPMs. I would say it is about as noisy as your average 2-strk now.

- Sean

Quality is the issue, not the price. Want, need, gotsta have. Chatterbox eh? I will look into it.

How much weight savings??

It saved between 1 and 2 lbs according to my trusty bathroom scale. It is about 6 inches longer and requires me to lift my leg just a little higher when saddling up. I'll keep it though - I like it more quiet. A few of my riding buddies like 'em loud - the rest were very happy with the change :)

- Sean

Did you go back to wr timing as well??

If I get the time this week I will. Wheelspin with the YZ timing and the grey wire cut has become a problem - especially when someone slows down in front of me on a big hill. However if I have the traction, lofting the front wheel over obsticles is a breeze. It is a much different bike since you rode it.

- Sean

Cool, We'll have to hook up some night I'm not wakeboarding..

Hey Mike, check out this site

I've been waffling on these for quite awhile. I hear that the 900mhz units are top notch, but haven't had the opportunity to try them myself.

Much more interesting now with the price decrease!!!


I just sent them an e-mail asking if and how their systems will work on a WR426 if others don't. I'll let you know when I get a response. Thanks for the tip.

My parents ride double on a Harley and I got them one of those Chatterboxes for Xmas last year. Granted this isn't the one you guys would be using but here's my input. The one I got them only has one box that clips to a belt and the 2 head units plug into that one box. (Again, they're on the same bike) They wear open face helmets and the Harley is pretty loud so I had to get them a head piece that has the front face of the mic covered to keep the wind from activating it since they are the voice activated one. Occasionally the bike itself will activate the mic according to my father but they are happy with it. (EXcept for when my father doesn't want to hear my mother blabbing!) I know there unit is different then the ones you guys would be getting but they seem to work pretty good so maybe the qualities will carry over to the cordless setups too.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Mike,I've sold quite few different communicators over the years as they are a very popular snowmobile accessory.Usually they don't live up to the customer's expectations 100%,I don't think a perfect set up exists in the regular retail market. That being said,the Collett Communicators seem to be the best ones out there.They basically originated the helmet to helmet communicator,and have been in business and improving the products for quite a few years.The units are durable,specifically designed for motorsports use and I can tell you from experience that the after-sale service from this company is excellent.The best part is they are made with pride in Canada.You can contact Collett at 1-800-665-7888 and order directly from them with any major credit card.

If the Collett units work as advertised, it looks like they would be perfect. Now I just need to get some friends...

I suggest you get an amateur radio license (HAM). The Technician class is simple to get with minimal electronics background and requires no knowledge of morse code. Try Radio Shack or online for books & info. A buddy & myself ride with Kenwood & Yeasu radios in the 2Meter band, with an ear speaker & boom mike under our helmets. We get about 4 miles range in the desert & works great at Lake Arrowhead. The radio is not voice activated so it is mounted on my shoulder so I can get to the transmitt button.


Hey, I'm an engineer, I love to tinker :)

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