I want to make my 97 XR600 legal in florida. Does anyone know how to apply for a title and tag in florida and how many hoops I have to jump to make it happen.I can convert the bike,its getting the title and tag from the state where I am lost.I am open to suggestions. Thanx

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If you go to this web site, www.wdsrc.com, they will explain how to get a tilte and tag for your bike.

Thank you that is a great site i will try it. It looks like it will work stay tuned for updates!!!!

you can always use the line that I do "it is a XL600"

if i say its an xl when thy run the vin will it come up xr?

DMV here did not run the vin, nor did they ask to see the bike.

my title had a model of VT on it which they nor I understood. Made things easier and there was already a plate number on the title. So I just filed for a lost one. talk to your local dealer if you need help. My local dealer has one guy that has gotten tags for a lot of customers local.

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