WR426 Maintenance

I own a 01' WR426, is there any maintenance I need to do after every ride. There is a little overflow it looks like underneath the airbox. Do I need to empty that, looks like there is water in it. I read somewhere about emptying the pressure in the front forks, how do I do this? Any other information on regular maitenance would be helpful as well. Thanks

I'm not sure if your kidd'n or not but I'll toss a little maintenance tip or two in here for ya.

First and foremost: Clean Air Filter

Second = Wash Bike (personal issue/don't have too)

Third = Change Oil (IMO after about 250 miles of ridding)

Fourth = Inspect Chain and lube occasionaly

That's my 2cents worth

I agree with Wrkfrk, Allthough you probably don't need to clean your air filter after every ride unless you always ride in real dusty conditions (maybe try some filterskins). I'd reccomend bleeding the air out of the forks after every ride, I've only been out on my WR twice so far (about 40 miles each ride) & noticed a significant amount of air escaping when bleeding after each ride.


That little overflow thing holds excess filter oil and also traps larger particles from the airbox. I empty mine every so often.

Thanks guys, I knew most of the maintenance on bikes that needs to be done. I come from the street so I just wanted to know if there was anything that needed to be done differently. I was mostly questioning the overflow underneath the airbox.Is the bike supposed to be up on a stand to release the pressure in the front forks? Thanks for the responses

Is the bike supposed to be up on a stand to release the pressure in the front forks? Thanks for the responses

Sorta... It does'nt have to be on a stand, but you do need to take the weight off the front end. The first time I bled mine, I actually had my buddy grab the bars & lift the front end, rocking the bike back on it's kickstand (so he did'nt have to hold all the weight) while I bled the forks.

Of course you need to take the pressure off the wheel. Release that preasure balmer just let it go. And empty that darn overflow from that filter. If you need instructions on cleaning an air filter ask your buddies. Make sure to get it good and clean so you can keep up with surf450. Ha Ha.

Here's my take on that, you don't ride the bike on the stand, so why release air on the stand? I did mess around with that idea and found out that if you put the bike on a stand and open the air bleeds you get a very firm fork. When bleeding on the ground you get a normal feel. When on the stand the forks will go into a full drop, opening the bleeds will zero the pressure but,when you set the bike on the ground you will now have a positive pressure from the start because of weight on the wheels. For my needs, I bleed with weight on the wheels to get the same feel everytime as so I can set my clickers for my terrain. This idea is working on two different WR's with great riding qualities for the desert. :cry:

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