Pro Circuit Type 496 Exhaust

Has anyone out there tried the Pro Circuit Type 496 exhaust on the 04 YZ450F? I am planning to upgrade from stock and want a spark arrestor muffler that will give me the best HP gains while preventing fires and keeping me under 100 dB or so.

Also, what rear sprocket works best on that bike for glamis / desert trails and such. Is it better to go down a tooth for a little more top end? :thumbsup:

I don't know about the exhaust but for the dunes I run a 15 tooth front sprocket for more top speed. On tight trails you may want to run a stock front sprocket size and maybe go bigger in the rear a tooth or 2.

Thanks for the advice man. Isn't that quite a radical change though, changing one tooth up front is like changing three on the rear.

I can't wait to try it out though, only 1 more month till the first Glamis trip of the season! :cry:

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