Honda's Shame

What do you guys think of the decision of Honda not to sponsor Johnny Campbell in the Paris/Dakar this year? The guy came 8th last year and was the highest privateer.I would have thought Mr.H would have had the sense to support the guy in the number one off-road endurance event in the world ,what do you think? :)

It's too bad for sure - Johnny was fun to follow with Speedvisions excellent coverage of the P-D. Lets hope that continues with the new ownership,(perhaps a stock car class is needed).

Now - can somebody tell me what header is used on his bike? The left cylinder pipe runs back under the carb. --------- Thanks

I thought he used a Pro Circuit system ? :)

This is what I think. It's all about money and focus. The money part is simple, they just spent $$$$$$$$$ on R.C. for MX. They are trying to re-capture their past MX racing glory. This costs $$$. They probably feel that the investment does'nt justify the return. As I understand, it is a very very expensive race. The focus part is this, Honda is a very focused company when it wants to be and they are giving a lot of time to thier MX models (as usual) mostly the 450. Dakar simply does not fit in right now. :)

Can you imagine the size of Honda as a corporation and they can't send one guy with back-up on a production bike to one of the most respected races in the world when the guy gets a very good result last year first time out. Cheap or what!! :)

I was reading an interview with John Cambell and he was saying that Honda's only priority for him was to race and win the Baja 1000 with Staab, the rest of the races were for training and testing for the event. Maybe they do not feel the pd is not a good "training" event.

Imagine how much it must cost to sponsor one rider and two bikes for Dakar. You are going through many third world countries over a zillion miles. The logistics are mind boggling! I bet you could sponsor 10 riders in the Baja race for the price of one at Dakar!!!

Please give me a break guys. Take a look at the bikes in the Dakar at the minute. They are mostly KTM .Do you mean to tell me KTM can support this many riders and Honda (probably the biggest manufacturer in the world ) cannot support one rider.Please!!!!!!!

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