2000 YZ 426 F Clacking noise

Hi, I read about this noise problem on some other posts. I think I know what I am looking for, but wanted to know about how long it takes to fix, and what tools I will need.

Did replacing the woodruff key with the OEM work, or should I try making one? How does the problem happen in the first place, as to prevent it happing again..

Th anks all!:nworthy:

not a problem at all. drain fluids, lay bike on left side take off kick starter, rear brake lever and remove case covers. remove clutch assy. careful not to break arms on the clutch boss if you dont have a holding tool.. $127 for a new one, i did it. mark and remove both gears so they go back on ecactly the same spot. replace the key and reasseble.. very easy job. probably 2 hrs if not used to taking that part of the bike apart. only $2 for the OE part. and the gasket if tours is in bad shape, i have reused mine 2 times w\out any prob. i think they must have made the key out of differnt stock, the original lasted 6 months, the replacement has been in 3 1/2 years no prob with it since. easy job. good luck.

Thanks very much! If I call to order the part, which one is it exactly? The one behind the clutch basket?

Thanks again!

Which gears are you talking about? Remove the clutch, and then the two gears. This is where I will find the key?

Sorry, I am just too confused! ARGH! Hehehehe :thumbsup:

If you don't have a manual, go to www.yamahaoftroy.com and use the parts finder to see an exploded view of the assembly.

I have been to the Yamaha parts on line, but I still don't know which one.

That is the hard part! Where could I find some stock to cut a peice from and make my own? Auto parts stores?

If you're ordering from BikeBandit, their part number for the OEM key is 349022-001

Here's a link to the diagram and an ordering form:

YZ426FM Crankshaft, Piston

The key you want is #9 on the diagram.

With the case cover off, looking at the exposed gears, the one closest to the front is the counterbalancer driven gear. It is engaged to the counterbalancer drive gear, which is on the crankshaft, behind the gear driving the clutch. You have to get that clutch drive gear off to get to the key for the counterbalancer drive gear. That means removing the clutch, since the clutch overlaps the clutch drive gear.


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