DRZ 400S vs. XR 650L

I am looking to get a DS bike. Considering these two. What are the advantages as you see them. It appears from the mfg. spex that the XR is about 30 pounds more. What do they weigh after moding them to remove the normal junk? The XR is very tall ... I'm 6'0 so it's not a huge issue.

What are the respective power outputs? Does the 250 extra cc get you more grunt? Better for wheelies?

How about reliability. XR's seem to have a good track record. Air cooled seems to work ok, even in the hot desert (where I'll ride). How does the DR do.

Thanks in advance.

I had the XR600 dual sported before I bought the dRZ. The DRZ feels a lot smaller, lighter, and handles better. The DRZ is the best all a round bike. There is no lack of power just less low end grunt. It's water cooled so there are pro's and con's there.

The XR will never let you down and has more low end. Its bigger so it is more street worthy. In Baja it's faster on dirt roads and a good sliding bike. Parts are cheeper and easier to get. but it's old tech, which is not a bad thing.

I think if you were to sit or ride each bike you would have a better feel for what you want. Have you thought about a XR650 with a Baja Designs kit.

I guess it really depends on what type of off road riding your going to do. If you do more single track, hills, and 25% street get the DRZ.

If your riding desert and +50% street get the XR.

I sold my XR600 but miss the bike when I'm on 100 MPH dirt roads.

I cannot think of a better bike for riding trails AND roads than the XR650L with a set of Kenda Trak-Masters on it. Sure, its a little heavy in tight stuff, but the DR will be too light on the road. It's a trade-off. Also, There's no getting over the torque that the 650L puts out, after you un-cork it. If you haven't already guessed, I own an XR650L, and I ride with my nephews and their CBR-600's and also with friends with KTM LC4-400 and DR350S. It works everywhere.

I ride a street legal 2002 DRZ 400 E model. One one of my riding buddies has an XR and he gets killed on the tighter trails...

It all depends on where you ride, if you are doing more road work go with the XR. For off road/trail riding the DRZ is hard to beat.

I think the 650 is about the perfect all-around bike. I ride mine everywhere from the dunes with guys on qauds, to the tightest technical stuff you can find. I can ride to work in the summer, and get great parking at Husky games. Get rid of the EPA crap, get a good pipe, plastic tank, put a XR600 r.fender on, ditch the stock headlight for your choice of aftermarket, and you've got a e-start XR600. Pretty good bike, I think Honda made it for 1 or 2 years. Sure it's 15lbs heavier than maybe it could be, but then so am I.

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