I've almost have my 450 complete. I want to put a little armor on her though. I'm looking at skidplates and boot guards from Devol in aluminum,& E line in carbon fiber. Anyone have some experience with either. I know it's kind of a dummy part, but I would be curious to see how well the carbon really holds up, or if it's just a pretty little add on. The carbon looks cool, but I don't give a poo about look, I want to save my case when I come up short on Michigan rocks.

Thanks all.

Oh yeah, the skid plate will be in direct contact with my Ultimate MX hauler. The bikes weight and two clamps snug the bike to a nylon tray. Any conceivable issue with that setup?

I have no experience with the setup you're speaking of but IMHO carbon is more for looks than being a suitable application. I prefer to put it on things that arent gonna be pounded by the environment. I only know of street bike fiber, maybe the dirt stuff is made differently? :thumbsup: Good luck though, sounds like either way you go you'll do it right.

I have the E-line skid plate, and after 4 years of riding it is still in good shape. The one from E-line is a carbon kevlar composite. I believe the carbon is more for looks, as the kevlar is the majority of the material. It is about a 3/8 of an inch so it is pretty thick. When I bought mine, the E-line was the same cost as the aluminum ones,around a hundred or so, so I went for the E-line. One thing to remember is that composits flex and absorb energy. If I had gone with the aluminum one, it would have a couple of big dents and cracks in the bottem by now. Somehow I would always find a nice rock to land on when I came up short and cased a jump.


I put the DeVol on my 03, it fit well, and looks good...

I put a devol enduro skid plate on and it will get dents with a big hits. Mine is wrapped around the frame,and cracked at the top of a dent on the right side where I hit a good size rock. It served it's purpose, better the plate than the frame. My friend has a carbon fiber which is shredded and flaking apart in some spots,but he's had it probably for 3-4years and it hasn't cracked yet. I don't remember the price difference between the two but I picked the devol because it covered more of the frame.

The Devol skid plate covers very well. Some complain that it is not as thick as some, so if you bang it all the time, it can get somewhat distorted, but it still functions. The upside of it's "thinness" is of course, less weight. I always thought that those 1/4" thick ones were a bit much. I have aluminum frame guards, but if I had it to do over again, I would get carbon there because aluminum gets black all over your boots, especially when wet. I know boots are supposed to be dirty, but why ask for it? Frame guards are (usually!) not hit as hard and as often as the skidplate, so carbon seems like it would be fine. Rode with a club of 24 guys the other week and most had carbon frame guards and aluminum skid plates.

I like my Devol Skidplate alot, it looks great and covers everything well.

I went with GYT-R frame guards and I wasn't real happy with the fit of them... the left side doesnt sit flat against one of the frame bars and it bent as I tightened it down. You have to look close to notice it but I still thought they should have been machined better than that. :cry:

I also had to redneck engineer my devol radiator guards alittlebit to get them to fit right, and I'm still not sure I'm happy with how they turned out.

I think I'm actually going to go with the E-line stuff. I know the carbon will look a little disco, but their stuff is actually mostly Kevlar. I know that is tough stuff from military applications. I'm not crazy about how much the stuff costs, but if it keeps me rollin, it's worth it.


JB :cry:

IMHO>>>having done a lot of fiberglass, carbon and kevlar laminating myself I have to say that I doubt that there is much kevlar in the laminate, it is very expensive, the advantage of the laminate is that since it will bend and flex you have a tendency to slide off of the things you hit with it. :cry:

stay well away from any Devol frame guards - I have a pair on the shelf - do not fit properly and despite sending back to Devol, got told that it was due to the 'spec tolerances of the Yamaha'. Geez - Yamaha should manufacture to Devol's spec :cry:

The Devol frame guards on my WR450 fit perfectly and have been on there for 1-1/2 years. :cry:

I had a Devol skidplate on my WR250. It fit poorly and was made from very thin aluminum. I would look elswhere. I got a WER plate and it fits like a glove.

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