CARBS - QwikSilver vs. Mikuni TM40 Pumper?

Does anyone have experience with these two carbs on the XR650R? Please reply if you do! Thanks.


P.S. I had the Mikuni 36 Pumper on my old 400 and it was amazing. Must of added 5hp and most of it was where I wanted it (bottom and mid). Bike started flawlessly (even after being upside down!).

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I ran the Ebrock for about 2 months. It is much easier to tune than a conventional carb. The bike ran awesome with it. No more leaks, flooding, and most of all, no flat spot. I can't speak for the Mikuni TM40.



It sounds like you're talking about having run the E-B in the past tense. Did you switch back to the stock carb or another type? If so, why?



I jacked up my radiator cap and slid a Cannondale X440s under it. :)

You know how it is with toys, you can't get back $$$$$$ what you put in. So I'm parting out all the XR goodies and selling the bike stock. It may still have the WB suspension and Excels when I sell it. That stuff is hard to sell because it has to be an exchange.


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The Edelbrock pumper work great. Instant responce and runs laying on it's side (don't ask how I know). They claim 2HP, I'm not sure about that but, the bog is gone off the bottom.

I can now attest to how well the Edelbrock performs. I've recently put an Edelbrock pumper on my XR650R and love it. Throttle response is greatly improved and I finally dumped my bike yesterday for the first time since I had the Edelbrock installed. The bike started right up afterward!

I also like the Edelbrock because once you've tuned it, then it's good for 0 - 10,000 feet without any other changes due to its altitude compensating features (Dual Venting System). I can go riding at sea level one day and the next day or week ride at 6,000 feet in the mountains without any jetting or tuning changes. I also like the fact that everything on this carb is externally adjustable so you don't have to take your bike and carb apart to tune it and you can tune this carb with the included tool while the bike is running. The clean venturi and the innovative back cut needles were also impressive. The Edelbrock pumper impressed me so much that I recently started selling them part time. Both the Mikuni & Keihin FCR's are also good products and the people who've bought them are usually very happy, but the Edelbrock's performance along with its features in addition to talking to other Edelbrock pumper carb owners (both TRX & XR owners) is what originally sold me on this carb.


You said you are parting out your 650, if so do you still have the carb and are you going to sell it.



Originally posted by mikes: you still have the carb and are you going to sell it..

I don't believe he still has it for sale (somebody already bought it), but I'll let him answer that for sure. I've bought some of the parts he had for sale and believe he only has the White Brothers suspension and Excel wheels still for sale on an exchange basis only.

If you really want one of these carbs and if Kevin doesn't have it anymore, I can get you a new one at a great price. Just let me know your email address and I'll have my wife send you a quote from the company she's helping out.

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