WR license plate holder?

I bought a neat license plate holder from a guy out of Washington state and I need another.

I don't have a phone # or a name due to alzheimers.

Was it Lowedog?

She machines out some pretty trick stuff.

I'd check there first.

I also have been looking for a better looking liscense plate holder, do you have a web address on Lowedog?

or if anybody know of a place to pick something up please post web address.

Here's a link to the plate mount that I purchased. Very happy with the mount, the entire plate is supported to avoid bends. :thumbsup:

Plate Mount

Bought mine from 4strokes only, similar to tnr's but less expensive....I still had to come up with a license light, but it was pretty easy. :thumbsup:

I have a TNR plate holder, they have a new design fits great. Very versatile plate holder when it comes to mounting turn signals. :thumbsup:

thanks for the link, going with the TNR. I dont do business with FSO, lousy customer service IMO.

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