Kick Stand Bypass

Has anyone had a problem with the kickstand cut off switch?

Has anyone bypassed this by attaching the wires?

I haven't has any problem yet, but would like to before I am stranded in the middle of nowhere one day.

Any instruction would be appreciated.

Al :thumbsup:

Has anyone had a problem with the kickstand cut off switch?

kickstand cut off switch :awww::thumbsup::devil:

it depends if the switch on the cutoff is normaly open or normaly closed. this is easy to figure out disconnect the wires and connect them and try to the start bike. wont start disconnect the wire then try to start the bike one way or another it should work :devil: then after just hide the wires under the seat and tape them real good so they dont ground out :thumbsup:

All street bike have a switch at the kick stand, that if the kick stand is down you can't ride away. Honda has it setup that you can start the bike in nuetral but, once you shift the bike is cut off. It's a kill switch.

Its an "L" thing.

That's good to know :thumbsup:

When I bought my new ST1300 ST1300.jpg I forgot about it and couldn't figure out why the bike would die once I put it in gear (you can't see the kick stand down). This was a week after I bought it. I was just about to get off the bike and call the dealer as I went to put the kick stand down it already was and the light came on :thumbsup: I haven't had a real street bike for 10 years!

Those ST1300 are s'posed to be awesome...

Sport bike handling and power, goldwing/BMW comfort and cargo.

It isn't the bike I was going to buy but, the wife liked it and though that was the bike we should get....I had a Goldwing for a while and it was nice, but it was time for another croutch rocket.....well I got this and it is will stand right up with no clutch and stay on one wheel all the way down the street! My wife and I went 834 miles round trip on it for our 20th wedding aniversary and yes, it is confortable. I got the back box that comes off like the side box' do...just unlock press a botton and carry it all to your hotel room! The ticket wasn't much fun though, I was doing 110 and he let my wife I off for 75.

I broke my switch- it has a ground lead, and 2 other leads. I'll have to refer back to the schem to see what I did to bypass it.

Trail-Tip: to bypass ALL the safeties and interlocks (to debug a prob. or to get you going on the trail) take the 2 wires that go to the clutch lever switch, short them together AND connect them to ground.

This bypasses the starting/running interlocks for the kickstand, neutral, and the clutch.


I bypassed the kickstand safety switch today.

Very simple. Cut open wire casing just above kickstand. Cut the green wire in two, and grounded it to a nearby bolt.

Yellow wire went to the kickstand light, which is still functional.

Soldered all wires, which is a must on dirtbikes because anything else will eventually come apart.

Al :cry:

You could remove the whole switch/ harness assy., and just make a jumper at the connector under the seat.I also yanked my rear brake light sw(trying to save every once possible) :cry:

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