Teraflex tires

does anyone know who make these Teraflex T2 monster tires and where to order them? Thanks David gray

--- Way back in the 80's it was sold by Dick Cepek and then it was

gone for years....I couldn't find one and then I found the Tera Flex

at Chaparral when they became a tire distributer about 2 years ago.

It is made here in the U.S.A. which is cool.....


This is where they come from. The Tera Flex has been being thrown on the BRP ever sence.

You can buy straight from them and save if you buy more then one.

Make sure your chain adjustment is past the mid point....get a shock sock http://www.outerwearsracing.com/atv_shock.html part number 50. Your tire (rim) will have to be true! This tire grows as it spins so, it has to be about an inch and a half from the swing arm as you get above 70mph it grows till it touches, ripping off your mud guard. This is a awesome tire but, it is also huge. It has no chunking issues and wears forever but, it's huge and heavy. It hooks up on almost everything (like most it spins on hard pack with a loose top) but, it's huge and heavy and grows at high speeds.

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