id 250f question for you

heading to st. anthony from alberta on oct 8 to 12. i know about the dunes but how are the trails? i have a 250f and will be buying a 2nd bike either a 05yz 450 or an 05yz 2 stroke 250. which will be more fun? i wplan on running the old 250f on the trails with a regular sand tire and putting a 8 paddle on the new bike.good idea? any suggestions. i am having a diificult time deciding between the 450 or 2 smoke 250. i have owned at least 10 250 smokers over the years but i love my little F. i have very little time on a 450. that new aluma bike sure feels nice on the showroom. i'm leaning towards it.

took the 250 trail riding a 'couple weekends ago ... no problems getting up and over anything ... and it's so light and nimble, it's easy to move around through the tight stuff ... or over logs, etc.

I never had any trouble with my 450 either, it's just a little more work .... I got the 250 primarily because i race a lot of tracks and was looking for something "different" to see if it'd help me in the getting faster / smoother department.

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