Decompression plug blows out, Latest news ????

I have a 03 wr450, after my latest race while cleaning bike in shed I looked on the floor and found my decompression plug. I purchased a replacement plug from TT, looks like it will work fine. Anyway while I was at my local dealer I found what looked like a service bulletin about these plugs blowing out. Is there any truth that it may be related to excessive crankcase pressure. I checked my breather tubes they looked fine, I have a T bypass installed both lines are clear. I'm hoping that installing the TT plug will end this issue. I sure an glad it did not blow out on the track, I race Hare Scrambles and I probably would not have noticed the oil leak until after the race. :thumbsup:

I also installed the TT decompression plug. It sounds like your situation turned out perfect because it's a royal pain in the ass to get the stock plug out. Installation instructions don't even come with TT plug, you have to download them from the website. Basically you have to drill a pilot hole then install a screw and pull the stock plug out. Of course you can't drill anywhere near the plug easily without moving the radiator. Since yours popped out by itself, and you noticed it before any damage or problems you saved yourself some time. :thumbsup:

My decompression plug blew out while coming back from a 135 mile rt ride south of Tecate. Luckily, it happened right at the end of the ride. I had no idea that the plug blew out, but it looked like an extremely slow leak, so I rode the bike about 15 miles back to my truck. I restarted the bike after I got home and the leak remained very slight. It kind of freaked me out when I found out what happened, but posts from this board and a friend, helped me find a relatively easy solution considering the leak from the engine. I just ordered the part from TT, it looks like installation should be fairly simple!

...Anyway while I was at my local dealer I found what looked like a service bulletin about these plugs blowing out. ...

Shows how full of crap a lot of dealers are. When mine first blew (the first time I rode the bike) three different dealers (including the one I bought it from) acted like they had no idea what the heck I was talking about. Either they're unprofessional morons of they just don't give a flying F.

Not to take anything away from the TT store, but re-installing the OEM plug with red loctite works effectively as well.

I agree, most dealers( and some of the people that work there) aren't bright. I have a shop manual and it didn't address this issue. This just goes to show how valuable sites like Thumper Talk are. The best info you could ever get about any bike is from other riders that have your bike. Thumper Talk is an extremely valuable resource!

Holly SH!T it scared me when this decompression plug came out. My dad says theres oil all over you bike. so i limped it back to the truck and brought it home. the oild would burn all over my exhaust and would make a cloud of smoke. I agree with the guy who says thumpertalk is a great resource, this morning i didnt know what was wrong and now i do. thanks alot

I bent a small aluminum bracket into an L shape, drilled a hole in bolted it over the plug using the bolt hole next to the plug... that was on my 250F

That could be, but I sure like the peace of mind of having a bolt holding it in. I have two friends who blew their plugs on their WR450's while I was with them. An 03 and an 04. Oil everywhere. No good. Tip: You can use a small allen wrench to pop the stock plug off if want to replace with a TT version. Remove the small bolt near the plug, maneuver the short end of an allen wrench into the hole and turn it so the short end pokes at the plug. If you get the right size wrench, you can just push the plug and it pops out SO VERY EASY! It was so easy that I can't believe they stay in there for any time at all! Get ready for a bit of oil to come out, so have a rag. Then you can pop in the TT version, put the bolt back in, and you're done. I didn't have to remove anything!

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