ap timing

I am trying to adjust ap timing on my 03 yzf450 by the manuel and cannot figure out how to get freeplay in the lever. I have turned the screw all the way in and out but cannot seem to grt any freeplay.Like a dumbass I lost track of how many turns I started from, I believe it was 3.25 turns out. I guess I well go ride it and adjust it while running, but am I missing something on trying to find the freeplay, I know this sounds stupid but any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Are you reffering to throttle cable free play?

Make sure you are pushing on the "top" of the linkage arm near the screw, not on the bottom. I did the same thing first time I adjusted mine.

Pull the carb off of the bike, keep the bowl full of fuel adjust the timming screw till the squirt just misses the slide as it raises. :cry:

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