Edelbrock-Quicksilver Problem

Hello, I have the Edelbrock-Quicksilver on my xr650 and just started to have problems with the pump arm sticking, creating some pretty hard throttle response right off the bottom. Has anyone experienced this problem and how did you correct it?? I am also looking for some place online with a diagram. I would be greatful for any help, we are suppose to ride this thing in 1 week at the 24hr of Glen Helen and time is not on my side right now..


Mike P

Call Edelbrock (or Barnums) tomorrow asap... Jason or Chris at Eddy will be of the utmost assistance.

My pumper arm bent at one time, but I have the first gen carb with the first plunger. I've since replaced it under warranty, thanks to Chris. Worst case, you can always bypass using it as a 'pumper' and ride.... again, Chris will tell ya. But they'll turn your carb around in one day if you send it in!! Simply amazing.

Good luck.

The pumper arm bent on my carb last December while in Baja. We were able to straighten so I could still have the pumper. Found the problem when the engine was revving at 3/4 throttle right after kicking it over.

I talked with Chris at Edelbrock. I pulled the pumper arm off the carb and sent it in. I had an updated arm within a few days. The arm is easy to take off: two small button head allen screws and a cotter pin.

I was told the original arms would become come weak from corrosion causing them to bend when giving the throttle a hard twist. I now spray a bit of wd-40 inside the boot of the arm.

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