Leaking 98 Wr400

need some help here

bought a 98 wr400 awhile back and i noticed that this particular wr4 runs hotter than most others

and there's 2 other nagging problem

1. its really hard to start. choke, hot start , nothing works. later on, managed to why out whenever i bleed the carb, i managed to start it only after quite a few hard kicks and lots of sweat.

once i managed to start it, it starts on the first kick again if i try it say within a few hours. its nothing to do with the engine being cold as i only try to start it again after the engine has cool down throughly.

but if i leave it for 24hours, i have to bleed/drain the carb just to start it again

2. for those times when i managed to start the bike, the coolant starts leaking as soon as a minute. this still happened even after i had the impellar shaft changed.

kinda pissed that i have yet to enjoy the bike since i bought it and it has been giving me all this [@#$%&*!] :devil:

really feel like selling it off, pass the bad karma to the next buyer at times but i do not feel good about it :awww:

decided to sell it but i want to fix it before i sell it off

any suggestions on what could be wrong with this machine?


thks guys

When you say it's leaking coolant, where from? I'm assuming from the overflow tube (is the reservoir removed?) I would check the reservoir, then check the radiator cap. A weak cap would cause this every time. As for the carb, well, I'm no carb genious, but it sounds to me that either your float or needle/seat are not closing off the flow of fuel to the bowl, thereby flooding the lower portion of the carb. After draining it, you lower the level to a workable amount. I would check there first. Again, I'm by no means a carb genious--anybody else??

Be sure you're not giving it any gas when kicking. I had this bad habit and I remedied it by holding the front brake or gripping the handlebar crossbrace. Also use the proper technique when kicking. I bring the starter to the compression stroke, and then right past TDC, lift all the way up, and kick with intent. Not crazy hard, but a good thorough kick. Mine will start anytime, first kick, no choke/hotstart, even if it has been sitting for a long time.

Although this is unrelated, one of my friends has an XR650 that I can start first kick also. He has not taken the time to learn the proper procedure, so he'll kick for 5 minutes trying to start it. It is well worth it to learn how your bike likes to start, it saves frustration and time :cry:

As far as the coolant leak, I think every possible solution to fixing a coolant leak was in this thread :cry:http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=UBB3&Number=1317051&Forum=UBB3&Words=weep%20hole&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=1year&Main=1317051&Search=true#Post1317051

Make sure that you carb is clean, check you needle and seat and that you float is set properly. Also, check the accelerator pump bowl while your cleaning the carb, they tend to get dirty. You can check my signature below for my carb settings, mine starts 1 - 2 kicks everytime hot or cold.

As far a running hot, is your bike stock or has there been any mods? Mine runs hot when I ride with my son, but seems fine when I ride with the big boys.

Let me know if you need carb setting from the manual.

thks fellas, will try the suggestions and see if it works

bike's stock, so i'm lost to y it runs hotter than others

check if the sparkplug is correct and that it has correct gap & if fuel u use is right (replace old fuel with new)

bike also runs hotter if theres too much air in the fuel air mixture and countervise

if float level was incorrect (flooding), you would notice theres time to time fuel leaking through one of the carb hoses

you might just be riding too slow

try to add up more info on bike behaviour (plug colour, exhaust pipe outlet colour, clogged carb hoses, torn tank fuel filter, air box mods, pierced carb rubber, missing or unplugged hot start carb hoses..)

it must be some stupid mistake, as I once had a broken top of the plug, so the spark was partially delivered to the plug, causing the bike not to start

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