Houston Valley was AWESOME....Damn near killed myself not just once but several times. More that worth the 150 mile hike to the mountains. Wish you could have made it...Mabe next time. I didn't realize that it was off the next exit from the track next to I75 you were talking about.

Next Saturday is our big annual get together BBQ and Poker Run in Barnesville. There will be 20 to 25 of the folks we ride with during the year plus some new faces, not to mention the 1000 other folks who routinely show up. The plan is for everyone to meet in the gas station parking lot across the street from Atlanta Motor Speedway at 9:00 am then convoy to Barnesville. The poker run goes from 10am till 5:30 pm . Everyone is bringing something to BBQ and it should be a great time.

As Usual you are welcome to join us if you can......

I crashed so many times last saturday I am now an official member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Sampling team.

YamaCasi, I am supposed to pick the Wr up this week. It is finally put back together. I do not think I will be able to do the Poker Run in Barnesville this weekend. My wife wants to join me either on a track or Houston Valley or Okie Mtn.(Clayton). She rides both MX & woods. Thanks for the update & we will get together soon. Let me know how you fare in Barnesville.

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