Looking for ideas on new bar height

I am getting a RTT stabilizer soon and am probably going to get new bars at the same time. I am about 6'1" and am curious as to what others around that height are running. The stabilizer has a one inch riser already. Is that enough or do you think I would like things even higher. I am probably looking at Pro Tapers, FWIW.

I've tried a couple of bars from Renthal. I had the Enduro bend first, which was nice, but for me a little too tall (especially with the braceless bars adapter) and narrow. I currently have the Fatbar Yamaha MX bend and am stoked with it so far. If you like the bend of the stock bars and width, I'd say the Yama MX will suit you well. Bars are really kind of personal preference. Just don't get anything that are ape hangers or any goofy bends, stay close to stock. If Pro Tapers are what your after, I'm sure they make something close. My opinion.


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