Get a WR Street Licensed in WA State?

Has anyone done this? What all is needed, other than the obvious hardware? Do you have to go to the DMV and plea your case to let you use this bike onroad? :cry: On the title, it says NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HIGHWAY USE or something like that, but I see some WRs buzzing around, and they have plates! Forged, perhaps?


I have a street licened 01 WR426, My dealer got the plate for me whe I bought it new. :cry:

Basicly at this point you cant licence a bike like these in this state unless you buy a new WR out of Canada like Rick has just done. "See PNW artical" or transfer title from another state.

However, I have been doing some investigating into this issue. And have found a "Dual Use" clause in the DMVs own computer system. It states that a motorcycle or atv can be registerd. "not titled" as Dual Use. ORV tabs and a license plate. Both with different expiration dates even.

We are going to try this Sat on my buddies WR.

I will let you know how it goes.



I just got my new WR450 Wa plated too. Also imported from Canada.

Do you have a link to the DMV that you speek of? I've searched high and low thru the RCW code and can't find a thing about this.

Post deleted by toyota_mdt_tech

I live in Canada (QUEBEC) and I just ordered a WR450F 2005. Since im in canada, do you guys think I can get it plated ? The dealer told me yes, but im still not sure about that :cry:


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