2000 XR 650R Bogs when ....

I just installed the baja kit and have been riding it on the road. My problem is when I go to whack the throttle or when I shift gears in a wheelie it bogs bad. I am assuming it's because I don't have it uncorked, but I need your opinions. I like having it quiet but would like to mess with the jetting or desmog it? What do you guys think? Other than that it's a complete blast. I giggle riding the darn pig. :cry:

Actually, it should not bog even if it's still in the stock, overly-lean condition. But that's a possibility.

First of all, you should uncork and rejet the bike. It is horribly slow and underpowered stock.

The complete uncorking and re-jetting must be done together to get the desired effect of blistering power. It's not overly loud either, it's loud, but it's a deep tone which does not annoy or carry over distance.

If you live at fairly low altitude (700' or so), drop me a line and I'll give you the details on uncorking/jetting, and a mildly modified version of the uncorking process which will yield even more arm-stretching power (around 60hp).

Once you ride an uncorked pig, you'll never go back to stock!


'00 XR650R uncorked/jetted/street legal


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