Check this out!!!

Dude, Your some lucky SOB. I can only guess how you felt as you saw your bike dirving away. You must be living right or God likes Hondas.

Sounds like one for the X-Files to me :)

Glad you got your bike back!

Here is one for the books!!! I was warming my 650L up in front of a motel room I had spent the night at when I remembered I had forgotten my watch in the room. I went back inside and grabbed my watch only to hear my XRL revving up, being put into gear and racing away! I ran outside only to see my bike ripping down an alley and on to a street and gone!! Needless to say I was devastated. My bike was gone!! Here is where it gets really wierd. Just as I thought my bike was gone forever the guy rode my bike back and forth in front of the motel, he did a wheelie rode some more then rode my bike up to me turned it off put the kick stand down got off and said "I've always wanted to do that!" Then he ran away. I was so damn blown away I sat down and laughed. I jumped on my bike and rode out of that town!!! What a trip!!

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