suspension mods

Did some searches on this topic, but didn't turn up as much information as I'd like, so thought I'd try a post.

My riding bud has a '04 YZ450F and is experiencing some front end push and isn't quite as happy with the handling of his '04 as he was with his '00 426 (personally, I think the '04 is a much better bike all the way around, except for some front end pushing). His 426 had Factory Connection suspension revalving, so I think that is why he liked it better.

Thought I'd see what kind of suspension mods anyone has made and how it affected handling, then pass it on to him. He also had major neck surgery and then surgery again because of a infection in the incission, so he's still a little out of synch, but he's usually a fast intermediate who likes to jump and ride at high speeds.


I am assuming he has set the correct sag front and rear. You could lower the forks in the clamps to help some. Try 5mm.

I had my suspenders modified by Enzo Racing. They were very helpful thru out the entire process. My suspension is now fantastic! I would strongly recomend Enzo to anyone.

Thanks, he has already raised the forks in the clamps, pretty sure he has the sag set right on the rear and I forgot to mention he is 6'4" and around 230 lbs. Believe he has the 5.8 spring on the rear and is going for the .49 in the front (has stock fork springs now). Think his biggest concern is that the front end doesn't feel good.

In what way(s) did the ENZO mods help the 450?

He's thinking about Race Tech valves and possibly the Storm link. Was wondering if anyone has installed the Race Tech valves themselves and is it a difficult procedure? If so how did the Race Tech valves affect the handling? Any suggestions for fork oil weights?

Thanks for the replies, 4 strokers are good people!

You have to have the tools to do the valving yourself to disassemble the cartridge rod. IF you do not have this, then just pay someone to do a revalve.

The gold valves make the forks plusher and more in control than stock valving. That is the best way to describe them. If you can do them yourself, you can also revalve them yourself. Took me 3 times to get it where I wanted them from the recommended settings.

I know of a lot of heavier guys riding the 450s and it really takes stiffer springs to start getting the suspension up to speed. I believe the target weight on the bike is like a 170 pound rider.

I got the storm link for my 03 450 and really noticed a difference in cornering. Much tighter and easier with less push on the front tire. I also have my front forks up 5mm in the clamps.

TexasDirtNap went from an 01 YZ426 to an 04 YZ450 and had the same type issues. His 426 was "set up" for him. He did the suspension work on his 450 and loves it. He installed the correct springs front and rear and gold valves...set the sag and now he LOVES the bike. You might PM him and see if he can give you more info.

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