Long Distance Travel

Has anyone ever heard of the Transamtrail? Do you have any info about it? I was turned on to a web site published about this trail circuit, mapped out by Sam Correro. He has linked the East and West Coasts via dirt roads and mountain riding, and various....Well anyway....I too have a passion for long distance adventure rides & am now interested charting the U.S..This Transamtrail circuit would be a blast, however wish to learn as much as possible before a May departure.......check it out...www.transamtrail.com :)

If interested about info on travel in South America.... contact me, I might have some good insight to help you out.(also try... horizonsunlimited.com)


I might be interested in joining you, if your looking for a riding partner. I live in Englewood.

Let me know if you want to hook up for a ride.


Tim H

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