04 crf 450 V.S. 03 yz450 ??????????

My last bike I sold was a 04 crf450 and I loved the forks and the bike

I have a chance to pick up a basically brand new 03yz450

for realllllllllly cheap

Are the forks and the bike in the same ballpark or are the crf450 forks and bike head and shoulders above the yz's ???

I have allways been a HONDA guy (dont know why just am)

but I am only going to ride it for this year then sell it and buy an 06 crf 450.WIll the yz450 tide me over for the year? Or should I just buy the 05 crf 450??

Thanks alot everyone :cry:

I am a B rider

thanks alot everyone

WoW, are you my twin in other place. I had an 03 yz450, sold it, got an 04 CRF450, sold it after I got hurt, got back into it, bought a 250F and a 400F, sold the 250F. Was going to buy a new bike. But I am waiting on the 06 YZ450, so I bought an 03 YZ450 again. DANG I WHEEL AND DEAL.

The CRF450 (no offense guys) is a awesome bike, the suspension stosk is night and day better. But the motor on the yz will level out the playing field. Get your suspension done and you will be all good.

I had the 03 YZ450 and 03 CRF 450. I am back on the 04 YZ 450 and plan on getting the 06 YZ450 if it has the Aluminum frame, otherwise I will keep my 04 YZ450. I didn't think the suspension on the 03 CRF was any better than the o3 YZ. However, the 04 YZ is better than both the 03 yz and o3 CRF. I have ridden the 04' CRF 450 and wasn't impressed by it either, but the 04' CRF250 had great suspension. I still prefer the engine and handling of the YZ450. I love it!

Joe :cry:

I had a 03, 04 and 05 YZ 450 the fork has improved drastically each year the 04 fork is miles better than the 03 and so on. I think for the most part the Honda fork is virtually the same since 02. The bike to have in 05 is the CRF 450 but I have a YZ 450 because it is a little bigger than the Honda. Realistically both bikes are better than I am so it does not matter, I just like blue more.

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