handlebar & mount set up

I was thinking about getting a set of Pro-Taper bars and mount kit (the kind that bolt onto the existing bar mounts) for my BRP. My main reason for wanting to do so is the mounts raise the bars 3/4", which is what I want. However, it appears that this would not only move my bars higher, but also closer in towards me. I don't want that. Am I right in thinking this? I'd like to keep the bar position the same (not moving them forward or back), and just raise the bars. Any way of accomplishing this? Higher bend handlebars don't provide a significant difference (I've already got Renthal CR-Hi bars).

Thanks for any advice.

I have a Scott's upper triple clamp, and handlebar clamp for pro taper bars that came off my '01 650. I need to get rid of them cheap. This will help. If your interested contact me.


[ January 08, 2002: Message edited by: sshrt rider ]

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