Sorry fella's I just had too...-Now with Ride Report!!!!!

Well I've raced it once and got 7th out 11 in +25(we only run 1 +25 no B here). That was the second ride on it. I've rideen it a total of 4 times. I am racing it again next weekend. I feel really good on it now and comfortable. The bike just flat out rips. The power is right there. I rode at a local track Baja MX this weekend. There is an uphill there that gets very whooped out and motomike and XXX can atest to that. While on my thumpers even the 450 I would bog and die and the 2-stroke I just pin it and float right over it. I am really considering selling my 250f too and getting the 125. I really like this 2-stroke thing. I also rode a CRF 250 and could not ride it. I forgot all about engine braking.

Gonzo, give us another report. That bike has me thinking evil thoughts! LOL I just dont know if I can learn how to use the clutch again! LOL

Seriously, how are you liking it?

Sweet bike that bike makes me miss my 00' 250. Good luck with it.

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