Baja 250 in San Felipe

Anybody going to race/watch the 250?

Myself and at least three others will be prerunning the course and going to the race itself. San Felipe is the most fun Mexico race in the SCORE schedule. Its a real party atmosphere before, during and after the race. The weather is perfect there in March. Its a race not to be missed for sure. Pre running the course isnt bad either, as you dont really need a chase truck. Its a pretty rough race though, with lots of sandwashes that can eat up fuel faster than normal desert riding.

A friend and I were also planning to do a prerun! What days are you planning to ride?

Hoolpe are you planning to do some riding in San Felipe or are you just watching the race? (I will be staying at Eldorado or Pete's camp.) I was hoping to do a prerun, or at least part of it.

I will be in San Felipe on the 25th.


Are you looking for more people to prerun with or is it just a private affair?


P.S. My E-mail is

My friends and I will be leaving on the morning of the 28th and we'll be staying at Pete's Camp. If you've never been, this a really good race. We were in SF for the 1000 but we were stuck in a canyon (near 3 poles) for 5 hours and missed the majority of the race.


Yeah, we will prerun a good portion of it on one day and we will usually ride out to Mike's for one

day too! Does anybody know how to get to the observatory from SF? I've never been there, but it's supposed to have an awesome view of both oceans from the top.


I can get directions to Mike's Sky Ranch. I have friends who live in San Felipe.

I was looking on the Score web site and they are not showing an entry fee for the 250. Clearly this must be a mistake.

What do yoy need for a top speed to enter this race. (Any idea?) Sounds like a fun race!



Getting to Mike's is not the problem. We just haven't been able to get to the Observatory from

Mike's. I was also wondering if there was a trail

that went directly from SF to the obs. As far as

top speed, that's really subjective. I run stock

gearing on my 650 and for the most part, I'm

satisfied with it. There's a couple of places that I wish I had more top end, but it would only

get me in trouble anyways. If you ran a 15/47 or 46, you should have plenty of top end speed.


Sorry about the error, I meant the Observatory not Mike's. 600 bucks to enter the 250 and that is not even for pro! 600 dollars to enter when there is no cash prize. Prerunning looks better every day.


What does your stock gearing give you for a top speed?

My best guesstimate would be the low 90's.

No trail fron San Felipe to observatory, have to go to Mike's first. Mike's will give directions from there. Corky

Thanks Corky, have you ever done the ride? Can

you ride all the way to the top?

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