Congrats to r4sbergXR600!

Hello r4sbergXR600,

I just wanted to say congrats on being the new moderator!

Hi guys! Glad to be here. I just found out about TT in Sept. or Oct. when I met the TT guys in a parking lot up here in WA. Rode with them all day and they told me a little about the site. After riding I came home and checked it out, haven't been off since! I am an addict! I vote we find a TT counselor to help those of us addicted to TT. My fiance would definitely agree :) I live in SW Washington and like to ride woods on my 1993 XR600R, even though it is outdated and a little fat, but aren't we all. Look forward to the experience and love all of the fun courteous people with great advice. Keep it up! Ryan :D

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