XR600R Suspension

I know the XR's soft suspension has been talked about before but here is another question. I have a 96 XR600 that gave the supermotard treatment (17' wheels, etc) and ride most of the time on the road. My biggest problem is the front end dive under braking. I installed a fork brace which has reduced the twisting of the forks.

I'm about 6'6" 240 without gear.

I went to the Race Tech site and the recommended fork spring rate was 0.482 kg/mm. The recommended shock spring rate was 11.500 kg/mm.

Now the questions. Anyone make heavier spring mods? Was it worth it. Also, Iv'e thought about a more exotic fix. Anyone try swapping a set of forks from a CR500? I've heard there is minimal tweaking involved?

Suggestions? (In addition to "move away from the buffet table.")



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