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BRC Coup D'état? Bill Dart ouster.

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I received the following as an email that originally came from Bill Dart. I do not know the other side of the story, but I am passing this along for your information.

-----Original Message-----

From: Bill Dart [mailto:brbill_d@sharetrails.org]

Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 12:06 PM


Fellow Riders & Friends

Some of you may know that last month I was issued a citation by the Forest Service alleging I was conducting a commercial operation on FS land, guiding for a fee. I don’t want to get into the specifics of the issue, but I am fighting the citation and I expect to be vindicated in the end. Many of you know that I am involved in organizing lots of group/club rides over the years, but I have never asked for any compensation for my efforts beyond the pleasure of riding with my friends.

Due to my high profile position with BlueRibbon, I have been placed on administrative leave until the matter is resolved, and regardless of how the legal case is resolved, I may lose my job, and my career as an OHV advocate, even though this is a relatively minor matter even if I am convicted. The fine, if I were to just pay it, is $200, but the stakes are far higher for me, my passion and my livelihood. But the affect on me personally is less important to me than what the affect will be on the OHV community long-term. We are fighting for the survival of our sport as we know it today, even with a supposedly “friendly” administration.

Even though the legal case is not resolved, I am afraid the Board of Directors will take action to remove me in the very near future. If I am found guilty of the citation, I would be willing to resign my position, but I don’t think that will happen. So far, the only people the board has heard from are a small handful of critics, and because I initially thought no action would be taken until the matter is resolved legally, I have not reached out to those who know me to ask for support. But today, I feel I must have some positive feedback from the OHV community about my work, and a request to delay taking any action before it has been determined if I am innocent or guilt of the charge against me. If I am terminated, and then found innocent of the charge, no one will be well served.

The bottom line is am asking you to send an e-mail or make a call asking the Board to delay any action until the legal issue is resolved. If you like the work I have done over the years, let them know about it. I am afraid that action may taken as early as tonight, as a conference call with the entire Board of Directors is scheduled.

Here is a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the Executive Board. Emails or phone calls to them would be sincerely appreciated by me.

President Jack Welch 303-279-8436 jrwelch@frii.com

Vice President Bill Schuman 715-543-8152 brbill_s@sharetrails.org

Treasurer Joni Mogstad 541-344-8245 jonimogs@aol.com

Board Member Bill Rugg 510-351-8166 b.rugg@worldnet.att.net

Board Member Karl Frank 503-667-0574 kafrank@attglobal.net

Here is a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers for the rest of the Board of Directors. This is a long list to try and call, but an e-mail would be appreciated

Sonia Bartz 612-834-2325 atvam@aol.com

Randy Block 812-537-9075 rablock@seidata.com

Brett Davis 801-523-8533 davis5@utaqh-inter.net

Nick Haris 530-626-4250 nharis@direcway.com

Pat Harris 41-883-2044 patntomrgn6@aol.com

Christine Jourdain 517-351-4362 cajourdain@aol.com

Ed`Klim 517-339-7788 eklim@aol.com

Sandra Mitchell 208-869-3318 smitchell@alscott.com

Gregg Mumm 605-348-9125 brgeg_m@sharetrails.org

Jim Murphy 208-448-0692 jimmurphy@priestriver.com

Dean Richardson 801-595-6750 brdean_r@sharetrails.org

Jack Sheets 719-593-0711 jsheets@cohvco.org

Bob Stevenson 406-585-8252 bs051063@aol.com

Bill Dart


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I sent an email to the addresses listed, many bounced. :cry:

IMHO, Bill Dart has done a lot for out sport, both working for AMA District 36 and BRC.

A second point is he has not been convicted of an infraction. What is America all about? Innocent until proven guilty. Finally, this is over an infraction, not a misdomeanor or felony.

The only thing proven so far is Bill Dart gets out of his office and actually still rides his motorcycle.

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It's official. Bill Dart is gone from the BRC.


POCATELLO, ID (September 27) -- BlueRibbon Coalition founder Clark Collins has stepped back into the Executive Director position he held since the organization's founding until January of this year. Former Public Lands Director, Bill Dart, who was promoted to the Executive Director position in January, resigned on September 24th.

"I have resigned as Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition, effective immediately," stated Bill Dart. "I have thoroughly enjoyed serving BlueRibbon members and urge continued support of BlueRibbon's mission 'to preserve our natural resources FOR the public instead of FROM the public.'"

Jack Welch, BlueRibbon President, accepted Mr. Dart's resignation on behalf of the BlueRibbon Board, and stated "We thank Bill for his many fine efforts on behalf of the organization and wish him well."

Clark Collins, a co-founder of BlueRibbon who presently serves as its Director of Development and served as Executive Director between 1987 and 2003, will act as BlueRibbon's interim Executive Director pending further action by the BlueRibbon Board of Directors.


An additional statement from Bill Dart is available at: http://www.sharetrails.org/releases/media/index.cfm?story=349

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This is just bizarre, we can't possibly be getting the whole story. I wonder if we'll ever know what this was really about :cry: :cry:

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