adding a light to 04 yz450f

iwant to add just a headlight to my bike. everywhere i look i get told something different. i get told i need flywheel weights or a different flywheel. the only kits i can find has taillights and blinkers and i dont want that crap. can i just buy a moose or electres light stator and a regulator,and light without having to change flywheel or add weight to it. will i have trouble with the light not being bright enough?

If you want to do it correctly get a E-line lighting stator. the electrex borrows from the magnito power and in some cases causes misfiring.this has happened to me and others here.

Do you want it for the street or to go night riding? There are some great nicad setups if you are only looking for an hour or two of night riding. They are bright and can be mounted and removed easily. Acerbis, Nightsun and Nightrider all make great lights but they will all have to be recharged after use. They are all waterproof also.

Quick, easy and cheap: rob the power from TPS for lights, should be 5 Volts and enough for LED halogens. :cry: :cry:

or if you want to go all out check out ricky stator. they have a really nice baja type kit. it is a little pricy, but remember, you get what you pay for. this kits is nice, and you can interchange it when you needit. so you can run you number plate all day, then come nighjt. you bolt the light bar onto your triple clamps, quick connect the wires, and your done. come morning. you unbolt the light bar, and put your number plate back on. :cry:

On my bike I did it the right way and bought the stator and Flywheel for a WR. Can't this be done for the 450's. E-Line is great if you race desert and need to install a couple of 100 watt Piaa's or Daylighters but for the person that just wants to ride at night then get the WR stuff. The downfall with the E-Line is it creates alot of drag on the motor and give it gobs of flywheel effect. Not saying that it is bad.... Like some have said it is a world better then the Electrex stuff. :cry:

I added the WR headlight to my 99 YZ400F, last year all i had was a battery hooked up with a homemade bracket to the triple clamp, kept the headlight running for about 3-4hours...then just recharge it.........this year however i went with the new stator and flywell weight to run off the engine as i have an enduro tail fenter with rear light too that runs off it.........

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